Top 10 Things To Do In Sri Lanka Including Beaches & Attractions

Sri Lanka surely is one of the best places on earth to go for a holiday. There are plenty of places here to visit. At the same time, there are plenty of activities here in which you can engage yourself in. Simply, a vacation at this marvelous island will surely be a very lovely one. There are various different fun things to do in Sri Lanka. Some of these are discussed below –


1. Cultural Tour – Almost all of the Sri Lanka Holiday Packages have a cultural tour component in it. Actually, the tour to this island is never complete without getting to know about the cultural heritage of the place. Dambulla is the ideal place to experience this. The rock here having the height of around 160 meters is beset with 5 Buddhist cave temples that are worth exploring. All of these temples must be visited.


2. Pilgrimage – There are many popular pilgrimage spots here. The Tooth Temple and the Adam’s Peak are the most sacred ones. Further, there are many great Buddhist and Hindu temples.


3. Trekking and mountain climbing – There is a plenty of opportunities for you to go for trekking and have an awesome mountaineering tour for yourself. The topography of the Sri Lankan hills facilitates this purpose to the best.


4. Beach tour – A walk through the Colombo coastal region and having some water sports activities in Bentota will surely drive you crazy. It’s so much fun.It is really a body and mind recharging experience.


5. Wildlife – Sri Lanka is so much rich in wildlife. For all the nature lovers this place is surely a treat. Do get an elephant safari here.


6. Bird watching – There are loads of family-friendly things to do in Sri Lanka. Thick forests such as the Adam’s Peak Wilderness Sanctuary where you can see some of the most amazing bird species.


7. Hiking – There are numerous places in Sri Lanka where you can go for hiking. Every route will want to explore more and more.


8. Scuba diving – There are endless marine activities that you can take up.


9. Nightlife – the night out culture is evolving magnificently here.


10. Shopping – There are various famous shopping places in Colombo where you can go shopping.


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Most of Sri Lanka’s luxurious resorts offer you well being as well as fitness organizations, Jacuzzis, spas, bath houses along with organic private pools along with spas giving elegance and also pleasure treatment options completed by certified specialists.


Independent of the abundant variety of establishments as well as companies, Sri Lanka’s high-end motels offer comfortable and state-of-the art establishments. Areas are elegant as well as classy and often functional marble bathrooms, king size mattresses, satellite television, clean and secure rooms with personal balconies overlooking Sri Lanka’s amazing landscape.


The majority of Sri Lanka’s luxury accommodations are located within the greatest places which offer a multitude of sightseeing attractions. Called Taprobane during olden days, Sri Lanka includes a rich ethnic history there are numerous internationally acknowledged heritage websites to go to.


Sri Lanka is the ideal place for people who are looking for a luxurious holiday, with a little something additional. For the luxury getaway which offers the sun, exceptional dishes, landscape and also social fests throughout the year, look no further than Sri Lanka.




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